Locate your assets and monitor every
movement with our products.

Unlimited fleet monitoring

If you have more than one asset, it is not a problem. When you are a Nuve client, there is no limit to the number of assets our products can protect. Our platform is accessible 24/7 to monitor the status of each device.

Create and Manage approved GeoZones with ease

With our Geozone Manager you can select an endless number of areas and classify them as safe for loading and unloading, and can even report when a trailer can be disengaged.

Is there a limit to number of Geozones?

No, our platform allows you to manage as many geozones as needed along with their different classifications.

Can I see all geozones on a map?

Yes, you will see two types of maps, by vehicle and by fleet, and each have access to their activities such as, activations in the last 24 hours, current location, and fuel sensor and cargo lock activities.

Fuel Activation Control

To ease your mind with fuel theft and fraud, we help you to identify the date, time and place of each activation.

Not at your computer?

No problem!

Download the app and take control of your fleet wherever you are.

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