Why Nuve?

Protect your fuel and cargo with our patent-pending solutions

Nuve Provides Proven Asset Protection

The total losses resulting from cargo and fuel thefts worldwide are in the tens of billions of dollars. The situation only looks to get worse as untrustworthy employees and criminals are using increasingly sophisticated tools to break into trucks, railroad cars and storage containers.

These thefts affect far more than just the owners and operators of the victimized companies. Tax revenues are lost by local and national governments. Consumers are faced with higher prices and the firms responsible for transporting the cargo also pay higher insurance costs – resulting in higher fees.

For years, companies have tried many different methods to curtail fuel and cargo theft, from zip ties and heavy-duty locks to fuel-level sensors and GPS tracking. But these “incomplete solutions” have failed to stem the rising tide of fuel and cargo theft. There simply has been no answer to providing the effective security solutions companies have been demanding – until now.

Nuve security solutions protect your valuable fuel and cargo – proactively, continuously and aggressively – from loading point to destination, anywhere in the world.

Why just monitor your assets when you can actually protect them? 

GPS monitoring providers only track the location and movement of vehicles. This approach leaves the actual assets both unprotected and vulnerable to theft. If you are merely tracking driver efficiency but not protecting your valuable assets, you could be losing far more than several cents per driven mile. Nuve provides the only comprehensive asset protection solution using custom-built sensors for both fuel and cargo theft with remote monitoring via web or mobile devices.