Nuve Asset Protection Portal

Visibility and Control of Your Protected Fleet

Why just monitor your valuable assets when you can protect them using the Nuve Asset Protection Portal?

New Design - map with activations

The valuable assets that are protected by Nuve’s sensors and locks can be monitored 24×7 via a web-based portal. Both location, movement (routes) and suspicious activities are easily viewed and available for historical reporting. Rules-based alert workflows are also available. Android and iOS mobile versions of the monitoring portal are provided for additional versatility.

Any attempts to tamper with a component of the system are instantly detected and communicated to the portal, thereby initiating appropriate logging, alerting and mapping actions.  You can even take control of certain truck functions such as disabling the ignition or controlling the door locks.

Features and Benefits:

  • Access anywhere via browser or iOS/Android mobile device
  • Rules based workflows for each type of reported incident
  • Notifications can be sent via SMS text, email or to any device running our iOS or Android mobile application
  • Ability to set an unlimited number of geo-fences for known-good fueling and delivery locations
  • Advanced historical analysis and reporting
  • Map-based dashboard and visualizations
  • Spanish and English language support