Nuve Fuel Protection System

Protection for the Entire Fuel System

Fuel level sensors and anti-siphoning devices are not comprehensive answers to fuel theft. Our solution provides tamper resistant, remote sensors to protect all entry/exit points – from the fuel cap to the filter – with location based alerts.

The Nuve Fuel Protection System includes our patent-pending, customized Fuel Sensors and integration with our Asset Protection Portal. This system provides protection for your entire fuel system. Every time an entry point is accessed, the system sends an SMS or email alert within seconds via the portal providing the exact time and location of the activity. Additionally, if any part of the system is tampered with by trying to disengage a sensor or cut a wire, a priority alert will be sent. The system even allows for the entire vehicle to be shut down. The Nuve Fuel Sensors offer significant additional protection versus locked fuel caps, anti-siphon devices or simple GPS monitoring alone.

Features and Benefits:

  • Product is designed for high vibration and challenging environments
  • Engineered to be exceptionally accurate even in harsh conditions
  • Refueling and fuel filter maintenance are allowed only at designated geographic locations
  • Sensors protect all entry/exit points from the fuel cap to the filter
  • Tamper resistant
  • Instantly detects and logs fuel theft attempts including location and time
  • Vehicle can be automatically shut down via the Nuve Asset Protection Portal or a customer support representative based on GPS coordinates (geo-fence)
  • Fuel Protection System forwards alerts and messages from the hardware sensors via Email or SMS