Nuve Cargo Protection System

Cargo Protection Instead of Location

If you are tracking driver location but not protecting your valuable assets you could be losing far more than several cents per driven mile. Install the Nuve Cargo Protection System and receive the benefit of asset protection versus merely asset location.

The Nuve Asset Protection System includes a lock, control unit and tight integration with our Asset Protection Portal. The locks are installed inside cargo containers and provide an invisible method of securing assets. The portal provides remote control of the lock and enables other advanced operations such as the activation/deactivation of cabin door locks or the ignition. The Nuve method of installation offers a more reliable solution as there is no obvious, external lock. Nuve locks cannot be disabled externally and offer an enhanced alternative to external locks or traditional GPS monitoring systems. If thieves attempt to block the GPS signal the cargo stays protected because the lock will not open without an acknowledgment from the portal.

Features and Benefits:

  • Installed inside the container – not visible
  • Provides 4500 lbs of holding force
  • Remains locked during power failure or a hijacking
  • Automatically locked and unlocked via the Nuve Asset Protection Portal based on GPS coordinates (geo-fence)
  • Can be remotely locked and unlocked by a customer support representative
  • Forwards alerts and messages from the hardware sensors via Email or SMS
  • Detects if the cargo doors are not fully closed
  • Cycle life of 50,000